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The necklaces are strung on durable wire with secure clasps that we’ve tested extensively. If your little one is extra active (or mischievous!), especially when playing with other animals, be sure to take it off in moments that it could be exposed to breakage.

Visit our Recommended Combinations page that is sorted by symptoms, and/or our Crystals page that describes the healing properties & benefits of each one.

Yes, the secure clasps are easy to use so you can remove or replace the pendants easily.

We offer small, medium, and large necklaces with adjustable 2” chains, various sized pendants, and three clasp sizes as well. Details can be found on our Sizing Chart. If you don’t see your furbaby’s size, contact us and we’ll be happy to custom make it!

The crystal necklaces add extra healing and layer well with collars. If you prefer to start with a stand-alone pendant, our various clasp sizes make it easy to attach pendants directly to your existing collar loop as well.

If you have specific requests for a custom necklace, Contact Us for a quote. If you need help creating the perfect piece for your Furbaby, you can make an appointment for a custom consultation with our crystal expert, Sat, through our Consultation page.

All of our collections are created with the finest natural crystals so you can’t go wrong! Our Royal and Lux pendants are the largest so they can be more effective for larger pets.

Our Posh pendants are the lightest, and our Regal pendants are also comfortable for pets of all sizes. For petite dog breeds and cats, we recommend those collections for everyday wear. The Royal and Lux pendants are slightly weightier, but very comfortable for medium to large breeds. In our test groups, we didn’t have any dogs show signs of discomfort or irritation. In fact, they all seemed to really love them! Domestic cats who were already accustomed to wearing collars also took to them very well.

Yes! The pendants easily come off and on, so you can have multiple pendants on at the same time or switch them out based on what your furbaby needs in any given moment.

Our Posh collection is light weight and made in a strong setting that surrounds the entire crystal so it’s a wonderful choice, and our Regal collection is especially strong as each stone is set in a handmade encasing with sturdy findings.

Our Posh and Regal collections are most size appropriate for small dogs and cats.

Our Posh and Regal collections are especially good for everyday wear because the stones are completely encased in their settings.

To clear and recharge your pet’s Power Peace, simply leave it in a bowl of Himalayan or Sea Salt for a couple hours or overnight as needed (once a week is great but for healthy, well adjusted pets once a month is enough)

Every situation is different, but you will often see a difference right away. After two weeks of consistent wear, the effects tend to be even more apparent.

The necklaces layer perfectly with collars. Even smaller pets enjoy wearing our necklaces with their collars. 

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