Power Peace Furbabies


Crystals carry some of the most powerful energies that help to aid physical as well as mental/emotional healing. Each crystal has unique properties that support specific needs.


Amethyst is a highly admired crystal for dogs and cats that is known for its stunning beauty and legendary powers of protection. Transmuting negative energy and helping animals connect to their own souls, it’s a universal choice for all pets. This crystal enables ease and balance, helping pets transmute fear and underlying causes of behavioral issues and elevating their consciousness.


Creates calming effect & soothes the nervous system – Blue Lace Agate emphasizes the feelings of tranquility and calm. This crystal for pets is very beneficial as it brings a cool touch to the pet’s body and calms their mind.


Carnelian is a magical gemstone that helps to cure various emotions in your pets like envy, fear, or anger. All you need to do is place a carnelian around the collar of your pets. Carnelian deeply relaxes your pet as it promotes happiness, courage, emotional warmth, strengthens internal organs, supports digestion, clears emotional energy, and encourages physical stamina.


Increases confidence & autonomy, promotes joyful demeanor – This crystal enhances clarity and provides a boost in vitality, revitalizing any strained organs as well as lifting the mood of your pet.


Clear Quartz works wonders in strengthening inner health and overall balance. It also assists in strengthening the immune system as it stimulates the flow of chi. It also helps to aid car sickness, flea control, poor circulation, and even build balanced relationships between our pets and other people & animals.


Soothing & Grounding – Hematite is an important ore of iron. It is an iron oxide crystal that takes the edge off of anxious or overactive pets. Promotes tranquility & deep sleep.


Howlite consists of natural white color with beautiful grey veins. It is associated with the moon and heightened senses, as well as healthy teeth & bones – perfect for joint issues or arthritis. It increases your pet’s natural intuition and connection to nature.


Jadestone is one of the most popular crystals. It is generally referred to as the stone of happiness and luck. Improves allergies, supports mental/emotional stability & sense of being loved


Healing stone of unconditional love, magnetism, & bliss – Rose Quartz is linked with love and compassion. This brings an aura of safety & harmony to your furbaby.


Restores, rejuvenates, & stabilizes physical functions, creates a sense of safety – Ruby zoisite is a combination of two powerful minerals that was discovered in Tanzania.


Smokey Quartz is deeply soothing and grounding. It helps to ease anxiety, insecurity, and hyperactive tendencies. Pets wearing this stone show less hostility and more peaceful demeanors.


Assists pets in connecting to their spirit medicine, making them feel safe and well adjusted. Labradorite is found in tabular and thin shapes with bright colors based in green, with traces of grey, blue, gold, and purple. This crystal conveys a sense of courage and mysticism.


Deeply healing for any physical, emotional, or mental ailment, this is a stone of the angels that brings miracles and protection around animals. Aventurine is a beautiful crystal for dogs and cats. This crystal is characterized by its profoundly peaceful energy.

Lapis Lazuli

An empowering crystal that boosts confidence, independence, and joy. Since ancient times, it has been used in reverence to royals and as a stone to embody one’s truest essence.

Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s Eye enhances contentment and self-worth, helping to relieve aggressive behaviors that are fueled by competitive energies in animals.


Agate is a beloved earthy crystal that gives pets a sense of ease, flow, and joy. It provokes a blissful state and encourages stable physical health as well as mental/emotional health.