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We have various types of beaded necklaces available for your pets. All necklaces have a two-inch adjustable extension. We can custom make any size needed. Please contact us at hello@powerpeacefurbabies.com for pricing and to place your order.

All of our pet necklaces feature our signature black Shungite bead that aids in protecting against EMF’s from 5G, cell towers, other radiation, and dirty electricity. Protect your pet’s health with this miracle stone!

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    Amethyst is a highly admired beaded dog and cat necklace that is known for its stunning beauty and legendary powers of protection. Transmuting negative energy and helping animals connect to their own souls, it’s a universal choice for all pets. This beaded necklace enables ease and balance.

    Rose Quartz emphasizes the universal love of your pets. This beaded necklace efficiently spreads harmony and healing properties to your pets. Enveloping them with a sense of safety and unconditional love, it promotes pure health and happiness.

    A Clear Quartz necklace works wonders in strengthening inner health and overall balance. It also assists in strengthening the immune system as it stimulates the flow of chi. It also helps to aid car sickness, flea control, poor circulation, and even build balanced relationships between our pets and other people & animals.

    Howlite consists of natural white color with beautiful grey veins. It is associated with the moon and heightened senses, as well as healthy teeth & bones – perfect for joint issues or arthritis.

    Jade is a beautiful cat and dog necklace. Known for joy, luck, and overall good fortune, it emanates total positivity! Also deeply healing, it’s a universal stone for sustained health.

    Smokey Quartz is deeply soothing and grounding. It helps to ease anxiety, insecurity, and hyperactive tendencies. Pets wearing this stone show less hostility and more peaceful demeanors.

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Weight 255.146 g
Dimensions 17.78 × 17.78 × 17.78 cm

Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Clear Quartz, Howlite, Jade, Smokey Quartz


Extra Small – 9" – 11", Small 11" – 13", Medium 14" – 16", Large 20" – 22"


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