Power Peace Furbabies



These gems are amazing! He's falling asleep so much more peacefully. He used to go in circles, pant, be nervous for at least two hours before sleeping, now he goes right to sleep within 15 minutes. He's even snoring!


My pup Sampson used to dread getting in the car, even if he knew he was going to his favorite destinations. Once he finally got in, he would sit in the back with his head hung low and completely miserable. I tried everyhting ... so many different remedies that never worked and I thought that's the way it would be forever. Thankfully I discovered Power Peace Furbabies. I got him a healing crystal necklace of smoky quartz and carnelian pendant that was supposed to help stabilize his motion sickness and provide an overall sense of security. I asked Andrea and Sat how would i know if there was any improvement, and their reply was that i would see him sitting up, looking out the window, and actually enjoying the ride. And that's exactly what happened ! I put his healing jewelry on him about an hour before we need to get in the car and now he jumps right in and rides sitting up and looking out the windows with calms, curious, and happy energy .we've been on several long road trips since he got his necklace and the difference in his energy is NIGHT and DAY. I'm so grateful to power peace furbabies for liberating my baby. I can't recommend their treatments highly enough!


Butters always used to bark at everyone. Now she is calm and relaxed. She loves wearing her necklace!


Biggie's mobility has imporved tremendously since he's been wearing his neacklace.he's been able to walk more and faster than usual. These healing stones do wonders... not to mention, it is such a beautiful piece on him! Thank You Power Peace Furbabies.


Cali waits for me to put her necklace on her in the morning, she loves it!